Support Policy

We provide free support for 60 days if a customer reports an issue through our support channels and recognize that the problem arises due to our Odoo App. Please refer to the following terms and conditions carefully:



Support services are available from Sunday to Thursday during 9:0016:00 (GMT+3). The support services are not provided outside working hours, weekends and public holidays of the Kingdom of the Bahrain.


Support services can be availed only through support channels. We use the “Microsoft Teams” platform to arrange our online support sessions if needed. You can create a support ticket via the following channels:

  • Dropping an email at

  • Submitting a ticket via the Odoo store itself

  • Submitting your request through the support form from the support tab in the application’s page on the Odoo Apps store

Wait time

We try to deliver quick support to all our customers. However, our support team may take 24 - 48 business hours to respond to the tickets.



If access to the client’s system is required, the customer should provide the access rights (Odoo Login Details and Server Access details) asked by the support team.

Full Access

Suppose access to the customer’s system is required. In that case, the customer should provide full access rights to Openinside of all the necessary systems and servers to analyze and resolve the support request.



If the purchased application is, for example, for Odoo Version 12, access to all the releases up to version 12 will be provided, depending on their availability.


Every version of the application should be purchased separately. Free Upgrades are not included.

Items not included


  1. Installation of the purchased application.

  2. Fixing faulty installation.


  1. Configuration & Setup of the purchased application.

  2. Resolving misconfiguration issues.


  1. Modifying the app's existing features if they don’t match customers’ expectations/needs.

  2. Fixing issues/errors caused by the modification of our app that we do not do.


  1. Fixing Server related issues.

  2. Fixing an issue that does not arise in the standard Odoo environment.

  3. Fixing any issues if your Odoo is not updated to the latest related version.

  4. Fixing issues that arise due to missing operating system libraries.



Based on the terms and conditions of the Odoo Apps store, you can request intervention from Odoo within 60 days of the purchase by submitting a ticket.