freedom  means  choice.
Choice means  POWER.

All software has source code. Open source software grants every user access to that code. Freedom means choice. Choice means power. That's why open source is inevitable. It returns control to the customer. You can see the code, change it and learn from it. Bugs are found and fixed quickly. When customers are unhappy with one vendor, they can choose another without overhauling their entire infrastructure. No more technology lock-in, No more monopolies. Open source simply creates better software. Everyone collaborates, the best technology wins. Not just within one company, but among an Internet-connected worldwide community, new ideas and codes travel the world in an instant. As a result, the open source model often builds higher quality, more secure, more easily integrated software, and it does it at a vastly accelerated pace and often at a lower cost.

Domain Knowledge

Throughout the years, we managed providing services and solutions in various business sectors, like Contracting & Services, Education, Government, Information & Communication Technology, Manufacturing & Energy and Property & Mall

Why Open Source?


Full access to the source code is present; errors are spotted faster since many individuals work on enhancing and fixing the integrity of the system.


Having many individuals working all around the globe on the same technology concludes in having highly mature solutions. The pace of innovation is quite rapid and efficient.


There are no real limitations; as long as it is feasible it is possible. Also, there are no lock-ins or restrictions, different vendors can work on the same technology.


The absence of royalties, license fees, and aggressive end user agreements leads to a hefty reduction in costs.