Why Open Source?
Future of Software is Open Source

Five Reasons the Future of Software is Open Source

Do any of these problems sound familiar?
 Proprietary software is expensive.
 Even supposedly tailored solutions still need to be customised.
 When there’s a problem, you can’t fix it yourself.

But here’s the thing:

There’s a better option. Open source is a proven alternative to commercial software in a variety of sectors, and it’s growing fast. In fact, a recent survey found that almost 70% of corporate organisations are either contributing to or participating in open-source projects.

The trend is only going to continue. Here are our top 5 reasons why the future belongs to open source:


1: Service and Development - Stay Ahead of the Curve

The beauty of open source resides in the fact that its code is open and can always be tweaked, modified, and customised to your needs. Over the years, open-source communities and supporters have grown significantly in terms of size, responsiveness, and expertise. These enthusiastic and passionate experts ensure that the product you use consistently meets the highest-quality standards, even as new technologies emerge which threaten to make older tools obsolete.

"In real open source, you have the right to control your own destiny."

Linus Torvalds • Founder at Linux Kernel Organization

Furthermore, open code allows for organisation-specific adjustments, a service which many commercial manufacturers don’t provide and a benefit which will also save your developers lots of time as they won’t need to be constantly debugging and making updates.

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