Senior Technical Engineer

Office 32, Building 662 (Impact Co. Building), , Road 2811 Seef District 428, Manama P.O Box 76069, Bahrain
18/02/2021 12:36:12
JOB TITLE : Senior Technical Engineer
REPORTS TO : Team Leader
Area of Responsibility : Software Development
1. Learn & understand the software products assigned to him/her;
2. To assist the Team Leader in the configuration & customization of the products;
3. Brainstorm as part of a team to discuss the various projects / jobs;
4. Take part in specialist or multidisciplinary team meetings;
5. Come up with initial design ideas;
6. Assist in identifying the suitability and availability of software products;
7. Assist in producing detailed specifications, installing, configuring, deploying and testing of the software products;
8. Assist in preparing, reviewing internal and external studied documentation
9. Assist in problem-solving and finding solutions to sometimes complex technical problems;
10. Research materials, processes or market requirements;